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My name is Rachel Linkletter and I live and work in London. I first started getting interested in food properly when I bought my first flat and realised that if I was going to survive on my meagre budget I would need to learn to cook! Since then I have spent a lot of time cooking and testing out ideas on whoever is around (usually my husband now!)

As I became more interested in cooking I became more interested in where food came from and the idea of local produce and 3 years ago I got my first allotment – which was little more than a jungle of weeds when I took it over. Finally it is almost at a manageable state and I am looking forward to being more self-sufficient in terms of vegetables and some fruits.

In the summer of 2015 I discovered that I had become extremely intolerant to gluten so although recipes before then contain gluten I now try and avoid it completely at home so you will find plenty of gluten free recipes to try

This is my first blog so feel free to post, comment, give suggestions for content you would like to seeĀ or just read from afar!



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