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Spiced Courgette Soup

So as promised another courgette recipe. This one is so simple that everything can just be thrown in together and left to develop. Don’t worry about exact weights and quantities – with soup it can all be very ‘rough’ and … Continue reading

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Courgette take-over

I apologise in advance for the number of courgette recipes you will find coming your way. We seem to be swimming in them at the moment and so almost every meal contains courgettes. One of the tastiest ways I find … Continue reading

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Blackcurrant Meringues

It is time to start using the gluts from the allotment! ┬áThis week it is blackcurrants. I have some steeping in vodka and gin to make cassis for the festive season and with the rest I whipped up some meringues. … Continue reading

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Gluten Free Sponge Cake

I don’t often bother with cakes since I found out I was gluten intolerant as I haven’t found one that tastes as good as the real thing. (So instead I save my ‘splurges’ for cake). However, I really had a … Continue reading

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